Basic Facts

Year of Construction



Historical Center of Berlin adjacent to Gendarmenmarkt


Heino Schmieden & Rudolf Speer

The Mendelssohn-Palais

The sale of the Mendelssohn-Palais took place in an open multi-stage bidding process.


The Mendelssohn-Palais was built for the Mendelssohn & Co. Bank by the architects Schmieden & Speer between the years of 1891 to 1893. The building is simultaneously characterized by its external clarity and by its cautious neoclassical elegance. At the time, the building found itself in the middle of the Berlin’s banking district, one of the financial metropolises of the 19th Century.

In addition to the Mendelssohn-Palais, the Mendelssohn & Co. bank originally also owned the properties at 51 Jägerstraße (Mendelssohn-Haus and Mendelssohn-Remise) and at 52 Jägerstraße, which was destroyed in the 2nd World War.

The palace initially served as the headquarters of the Mendelssohn Bank. The building was later used by Deutsche Handelsbank AG. Since 2002, the Mendelssohn-Palais has served as the headquarters of ABDA - Bundesvereinigung Deutscher Apothekerverbände e. V.

Unique Features

The unique historical premises of the Mendelssohn-Palais, which are in exceptional condition, are captivating. As a former bank house, the representative importance of the Mendelssohn-Palais is reflected in the rich detail of interior architecture and the history of the building is brought to mind. This is particularly evident in the magnificent counter hall and the sweeping staircase to the former directors’ rooms on the first floor.

  • Prestigious ascent to the upper floors
  • Historical staircases
  • Magnificent counter hall
  • Gold room
  • Reliefs with commercial motifs by Johann Gottfried Schadow
  • Safe rooms on the first floor and in the basement
  • Wood-panelled directors’ rooms
  • Pyramid-shaped cupola above the counter hall

Future use

Bearing in mind the prestigious impact of the building, various uses are conceivable. The historic rooms such as the former light-filled counter hall in the center of the building are suitable both for the commercial representation and for cultural uses. Creative uses with shared workspaces are equally conceivable. Combined with a modern institution, the Mendelssohn-Palais offers the possibility of creating extraordinary workplaces in a unique environment.

The spacious rooms on the first floor allow for a wide variety of event formats to be instigated, whether these be festive receptions, cultural events, exhibitions or conferences. At the same time, the Mendelssohn-Palais sufficient office space that it might be used as a company headquarters or office building. Furthermore, there is also a wide variety of conference rooms, in which meetings can be hosted in an extraordinary atmosphere.


The Mendelssohn-Palais has much potential, both in terms of its usage possibilities as well as being a long-term real estate investment. The rooms located at the rear of the premises can be adapted according to individual needs. Both open plan offices - as is currently the case - and single or smaller offices are conceivable.

  • Symbiosis of the past, present and future
  • A multitude of usage possibilities (among others: Embassy, foundation or association headquarters, corporate headquarters or representative office, office buildings, museum or gallery, co-working space)


The Mendelssohn-Palais is located in close vicinity (100 meters) to the Gendarmenmarkt in the center of Berlin. The surrounding area is characterized by a large number of historical and cultural buildings and institutions. Almost all of the institutions of the Bundestag (Federal Parliament), Bundesrat (Federal Assembly), and Bundesregierung (Federal Government), which are located in Berlin, as well as a large proportion of the embassies, are seated in the City Districts “Mitte” (Central) and neighboring “Tiergarten” (Zoological Gardens). The commercial, administrative and governmental center of the capital city is also to be found here. This historic building is thus right in the center of the metropolis of Berlin and the government district of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Alexanderplatz square is around 2.2 kilometers from the Mendelssohn-Palais and the Potsdamer Platz is about 1.7 kilometers away. Public transport connections are excellent. Connections to various bus and subway routes (U2, U6, bus 147 and 265 and M48) are in the close vicinity. The main railway station can be reached within a few minutes. There are also good opportunities for parking in the direct surrounding area.